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28 th Feb 2008
DotEasy DotEasy has very wide selection of hosting plans and most interesting is of course the Free Hosting. Since it is free there is not many features but for basic HTML site is enough. The Free plan gives you 100MB of space and 1GB of traffic and no PHP or MySQL. The oposite of free plan is Unlimited Hosting plan which cost only $9.95 / month for UNIX version or $20 / month for Windows servers. There are all programming languages supported and everything is just unlimited. With those plans you get all you need for your website including non stop support. This service is using 160.000 other customers which I belive are satisfied. Only little catch is the expensive domain name wihch could be cheaper a bit.
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Rating: 1
Will hold your domain hostage for 60 days claiming you changed info. This is illegal practice, but was unable to get satisfactory response from them. Do not be taken in by this company
Posted: October/21/2011

Kevin Mitchell
Rating: 1
Doteasy engages in illegal billing and business practices. They will charge your cancelled account without consent. They do not follow Icann policies be warned. I worked there, and I was Disgusted at how I had to lie to customers and basically make excuses on why we cannot transfer their domain name.If a customer changes their contact information on the domain, they cannot transfer the domain away from Doteasy until after 60 days. So basically, you are Forced to renew with Doteasy. If you want to transfer your domain name before expiry, they will keep the ball rolling until it expires, and then tell you it has expired, so you cant transfer it and you are required to renew, which is a 60 day lock.If you attempt to dispute charges via your bank. They Will charge you a hosting chargeback fee.DO NOT HAVE ANY BUSINESS TO DO WITH DOTEASY. Oh and once your domain name is expired, if you are on their FREE plan after 40 days they will start to bill you $1.95 month for webhosting without your permission. They will judge you based on your level of English, the country you are from, and many more factors and your gender. They will put notes all over your account not to do business with you if you ask too many questions or ask for help at all. They will note you as a troublemaker and basically hang up the phone on your or ignore your emails for help.There servers are not secure, like any shared hosting company, you cannot rely on them. You will get hacked into if one site gets compromised. Their managers and supervisors will laugh in your face and ignore your request to speak to them. They also do not care about BBB ratings or ICANN, they are not scared of them. They will find any way to screw you over for your money and take away your business.Dont even try to register a domain name thats even close to popular, you register your name, and happen to be a celebrity or a major corporation they will take your domain for you and take ownership on it and make you pay quite a large sum of money to get it back, basically kidnapping your domain and your business until you pay the ransom.They also hide under different aliases of companies. Just do your research.Also, if you purchase a domain name on a promotion, you are not entitled to transfer domain services. You have to pay a substantial cost to get your domain name away from them. Trust it from an employee. Do NOT do business with them. Go to GoDaddy or HostGator who will treat you like royalty.Read their terms and conditions word by word before you sign any contracts with them.
Posted: August/20/2011

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